Confidentiality and security are very important to us.

We go through great lengths to ensure that your identity as a participant remains entirely confidential and that there is no information connecting you to your responses on either the social network analysis or the survey. Similarly, we take precautions that no individual’s identity can be deduced from peripheral information in the dataset, such as department or individual connection.

In this document:

  1. we first give you an overview of how data will be analyzed and could be available in publication or articles.
  2. We then discuss risks in the data system.
  3. Finally, we discuss the mechanisms that we use from the time in which you respond to the time in which the final, anonymized data set is created.
  4. The graphic below shows an abbreviated overview of the flow of information and the way data is translated to ensure that identities remain confidential.

    How data may be published


    How we maintain security and confidentiality